The brief details of  events took place and achievements made under the guidance of Mahasangh

1. Constitution of Working Committee

 A well organised team is framed under the leadership of newly elected President, Chief general Secretary and other office bearers. The team is working with full strength and enthusiasm .The works performed and achievements by the team are highlighted as follows.

2. Registration of Mahasangh

(i)               Though the Mahasangh was working since past many years but in actual sense no documents were handed over by the ex Chief General Secretary  though several efforts were made to get the complete papers and records of Mahasangh from him. When the enquiry is made with the Registrar of the Societies it is found that Mahasangh is not registered and hence a committee was formed to get the Mahasangh registered.

(ii)              Now the Mahasangh has been registered with Registrar of Societies under No S/67804/2009. This has been achieved with the efforts of Shri Sanjeev Kumar Prajapati and his father Shri Sukhdeo Prajapati. More over in case of registration of Mahasangh the assistance and cooperation extended by Shri Hemant Kumar Prajapati, Shri Shyambhai and their team is highly appreciated.

3. Revision of Constitution of Mahasangh

(i)               The old constitution was not found more effective and lawful and hence it was proposed to revise it thoroughly and a committee under the Chairmanship of Shri Laxmi Narayan Prajapati was formed along with Shri Murli Manohar Prajapati ,Shri Paras Ram  Kaketia, Shri Reniwal, Shri S. Kumar and Shri Harishchandra Prajapati ,as members.

(ii)              The suggestions  so received by the committee were studied and amendments were finalised by an well experienced member Sarvashri Munna Lal Prajapati, Paras Ram Kaketia, Govardhan Chauhan, RP Chitravansi and R W Lalwani ,Sr. Advocate.

4. Constitution of “Mati Kala Boards” at state and nation level

(i)               Mahasangh has been succeeded in getting established “Mati Kala Boards’ in Madhya Pradesh, Gujrat, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan.

(ii)               In Bihar, “Most Backward Class commission” has been established and our community members are looking forward for  getting the benefits of reservation in educational and political fields.

(iii)              The matter has been taken up by the concerned department at National Level for setting up a “National Mati Kala Board”  which will supervise the functioning of such boards at state level and provide necessary grants for their proper and smooth functioning.

5. Formation of Matikala Vikas and Pottery Welfare Boards

(i)               The Akhil Bhartiya Prajapati (Kumbhakar) Mahasangh succeeded in getting formed “Matikala Vikas Boards” in state of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh by proper persuasion with both the State Governments and a Chairman of our community has been appointed by these   Governments at the rank of State Minister. Similarly “Pottery Workers Welfare Board” is also formed in the state of Tamilnadu and its  benefits are being availed by our community.

(ii)              The present Bihar Government has constituted the “Most backward caste Commission” and our community has been included in the list which extends help to all kind of benefits as stated their in.

(iii)             The present team of “Akhil Bhartiya Prajapati (Kumbhakar) Mahasangh” has written number of letters to Prime Minister, President, Chief Ministers, Chief Secretaries and leaders of all major political parties for constituting  the Most backward Caste Commissions  in remaining states in the lines of Bihar and Rajasthan states so as to get the benefit to our community  in admissions in higher academic classes and provide reservation in employment and political fields. The efforts of the team has shown a very good result and some of the states have shown their willingness to constitute such boards for the benefit of our community. In this case the support  and cooperation extended by Dr.PN Ram, Ajay Kumar and US Prajapati is most appreciable.

6.  Achievements

(i)                Settlement of legal issues

The personal and legal disputes among the Mahasangh and Ex-  President and other members of the community have been  resolved by present President and Chief General secretary. This exercise has resulted financial loss and mental disturbance to both the sides.

(ii)              Amendment to the constitution

The new amendment is brought in the constitution to avoid monopoly to remain in the same post for years together. The President and Chief General secretary who are elected by life member/member of Mahasangh will have a tenure  up to 6 years i.e 2 times of 3 years only. President and Chief General secretary  have to travel any part of the country at their own expenses.

(iii)            Set up new Functional Organisational system

(a)        The present committee has formed various wings for creating awareness, encouragement and help to the bottom most community people (specially youth and women) in the various fields of life such as  Social -justice coherent ,education, politics ,religion, fighter’s freedom juries, advocates, judges ,art and culture ,science and Engineering ,sport and medical etc.

(b)        The functional system of the present working committee was highly appreciated by Shri Prahlad Singh the ex president of Akhil Bhartiya Prajapati Mahasangh which was registered for last 25 years and he declared to merge this Mahasangh with the present Akhil Bhartiya Prajapati (Kumbhkar) on dated 8th August,2009 in working committee meeting held at Rohini ,Delhi which was welcomed by all the members.

(c)         Special help and cooperation was extended by Shri Indrajit verma, Smt Champa Verma  Shri LC Rathore, Smt Vimla Rathore , Shri Moolchand Vival and Smt. Shanti  in creating awareness among our community members and connecting them with our Mahasangh. The efforts of these members are highly appreciable.

(iv)             Meeting with community members in various parts of the country .

The present team travelled at various states of the country   A conference was held on 8th March,2009 at birth place of our community Saint Gora Kaka Kumbhar at his village Ter, District Usmanabad ,Maharashtra. The conference was organised by Maharashtra Kumbhar Mahasangh under the leadership of Shri Mohan Jagdale , Vice President  ,Akhil Bhartiya Prajapati(Kumbhakar) Mahasangh ,Youth Wing and Shri Sanjay Raje ,Chief Auditor Kumbhashri and media Prabhari.It was a historical conference and attended by all 35 states.

(v)               Organisation of  Conferences and Seminars

(a)       Sammelans(Conferences) were held in Rajasthan at

 Sirohi,Jaipur and Kota(Yuva Wing) . Similar conferences were held in Gujarat at Anand,Valsad, Surat and Ahemadabad.

(b)       More over the places such as Surendra nagar (Halvat,Pimparidham Ashram),Morvi, Rajkot , Joonagarh, Telada(Varawal),Somnath,Jamnagar, Baroda,were travelled by road to meet the community people.

(c)      A glorious conference was arranged  at Ujjain, by Shri Ashok Prajapati,Presedent Madhya Pradesh which was attended by Chief Minister, Home Minister of MP state and two central ministers along with community members of various states in lacks. This conference helped in creation of Mati Kala Vikas Board in Madhya Pradesh and Shri ashok Prajapati has been given Chairmanship of the board. During the marriage ceremony of Shri Ashok Prajapati’s son at Ujjain the event of Vishwa Prajapati Sammelan has emerged  which is now being arranged at Indore on 13th and 14th February,2010 with the major support  and help of Shri Ram Sumer Kashyap and Chaurasi sangh.