About Mahasangh

Akhil Bhartiy Prajapati (Kumbhakar) Mahasangh (Regd)

1.During  1972 ,a meeting was held in Mumbai in the residence of Shri Khimchandra Bhai Lad CA which was attended by Shri Har Jivan Bhai Mistri ,Shri CP Mistri ,Vallabh bhai with Late Shri Khimchand Lad CA was felt that a National Level Organisation of our community be set up in Mumbai and accordingly a meeting was held .

2.Accordingly a meeting was held on Sunday ,in the year 1972, in the residence of Shri khimchandra Bhai Lad CA, which was attended by  Shri Har Jivan Bhai Mistri ,Shri CP Mistri ,Vallabh bhai and several other senior social activists.

3.It was decided in the meeting that a National Level Organisation of our community be set up in Mumbai and accordingly a meeting was held in Vishwa Rupa Compound ,Kurla Mumbai ,which was attended by several community members which included Late Shri Ramjibhai ,Narayan Dhedia ,Madhav Bhai ,Punambhai,RM Mandawa,DG Khedekar, ,AP Kuperkar ,Ankush Bendekar ,Vidyadhar Bodhankar,  CP Mistri ,Bachchubhai Advo,Dr AK Arya Mr Ghodu Kadamkar,,Sambhaji Bhai Kaka and  thus appx 80 members attended the meeting.

4.In the meeting following  office bearers were elected unanimously for the functioning of the Organisation.

(i) Shri Hari Jivan Mistri was elected National president

(ii),Dr. A K Arya as General Secretary

(iii) Shri DG Khedekar as Treasurer

(iv)Shri Bachchubhai Advocate as Vice president

(v)Shri RS Mandva as Vice president

(vi) Shri RBK Prajapati  Vice President

(vii) Shri CP Mistri as  Joint Secretary

(viii) Shri Khimcahndra Lad  Auditor

5.A big Sammelan was organised with the cooperation of all in which Shri Ratnappa Kumbhar ,Hon State Home Minister of Maharashtra Government ,was invited as Chief Guest. This was the first Historical Sammelan which was a huge success in Kurla Mumbai.

6.He was so impressed with the Sammelan that he allotted 9 acres of land in Kandivli (Mumbai)for the use of our community.The Mahasngh , was later made over in the hands of Delhi people due to various reasons.

7.In Delhi a organisation with the name  as  “Akhil Bhartiy Prajapati Sabha” was functioning under the President ship of Shri Seth Nanak Chand and General secretary Shri Chiranji Lal Gola and treasurer Shri Vishwambhardayal  Delhi.These people were reluctant in taking over the organisation as National level with the plea of shortage of time .

8.They were requested to extend active cooperation in the functioning of the organisation or allow us to manage the functioning of the organisation.

9.As a result of this,  following office bearers were elected  for running the activities of Mahasangh .

(1)                   Shri Ramji Lal                          President

(2)                   Shri A. Jairam                          Vice President

(3)                   Shri Prem kumar badmunda     Vice –President

(4)                   Shri Devki lal pandit                 Vice –President

(5)                   Shri Shanker lal                       Vice –President

(6)                   Shri Punam Chandra Prajapati   Vice –President

(7)                   Shri Surendra verma                General Secretary

(8)                   Shri Shyam Lal Chakravarti       Secretary

(9)                   Dr. L D Prajapati                      Secretary

(10)                  Shri Ram Briksha Prajapati       Secretary

(11)                  Shri ram parsad manuj            Secretary

(12)                  Shri Sohan lal madhup             Secretary

(13)                  Shri R B N Prajapati                 Secretary

(14)                  Shri Babu Ram prajapati           Propaganda Secretary

(15)                  Shri bholaram prajapati            Propaganda Secretary

(16)                  Shri Harpal singh ‘Nirbhay”       Propaganda Secretary

(17)                  Shri Ram Lakhan                      Joint Secretary

(18)                  Shri Gainda Lal chauhan           Joint Secretary

(19)                  Shri Bodan ram verma              Joint Secretary

(20)                  Shri Yamuna Pankaj                Joint Secretary

(21)                  Shri Holaram Prajapati             Joint Secretary

(22)                  Shri Ranjit singh verma            Treasurer

(23)                  Shri Natholi Parshad               Sub: Treasurer

(24)                  Shri Ram Pada Paul                Law adviser

(25)                  Shri Brij Lal Verma                  Law adviser

(26)                  Shri KLundal Lal Verma           Law adviser

(27)                  Shri ranjit singh                      Law adviser

(28)                  Shri Raja Ram Prajapati          Law adviser

(29)                  Shri Sant ram                        Organising Secretary

(30)                  Smt Vimlesh gola                   Ladies Convener

10.The  “Akhil bhartiy Prajapati (Kumbhakar) Mahasangh    (Regd)  was established  in 1978 and accordingly a Sammelan was organised at Nagar Palika Auditorium New Delhi .

11.First Vishwa Prajapati Sammelan was organised on 25th December,1988 at Talkatora Indoor statdium,New Delhi in which large nos of  members participated  from all parts of the country and world.

12.Due to success of the above Sammelan, the State level Sammelans were organised in the state of Hariyana, Rajasthan, MP, Maharashtra, Gujarat, J&K ,UP, Delhi, Bihar ,HP ,AP and Karnataka and Branches of Akhil  Bhartiy Prajapati (Kumbhakar) Mahasangh were opened in these states.

13.This is the only organisation in the country whose office bearers organised Dharna and Demonstrations in the entire country for  implementing the recommendations of “Mandal commission”.

14.Mahasangh organised 2nd  Vishwa  Prajapati Sammelan on 16th December,2001 successfully which was attended by more than 3,000 members from all parts of the  country and the world.

15.First time, the election of office bearers of Mahasangh,  was held 3rd July,2005 in Mumbai in which Shri Poonam Bhai(Bharuch-Gujarat) was elected as President and Shri santaram Prajapati(New Delhi) was elected as Chief General Secretary. Shri Deshraj Prajapati was nominated unanimously as Treasurer.

16.It was observed in general that the  progress of the Mahasngh was not getting required pace which was possibly due to non cooperation among the people managing the activities of the Mahasangh. Our community members were agitated in the country and started levying various allegations, citing the reasons for poor performance of the Mahasangh.

17.The new body took over the reins of the Mahasangh on 19-06-2007 due to demise of our late President Shri Punam Bhai and tried to revive the organisation with new culture.

18.Subsequently The RBK Prajapati was elected as “National president” and Shri Govardhan Bhai Chauhan as “Chief General Secretary” on 8-10-2008 in Ahemadabad and since then the organisation has been working smoothly.

19.The progress made by the present body was not taken in good sprit by New Delhi people ,earlier managing the show and started playing game by announcing that there was no registration as “Mahasangh” and same was tackled with the active support of  Shri Sanjeev Kumar Prajapati and his father Shri Sukhdeo Prajapati.

20.Though the Mahasangh was working since past many years but in actual sense no documents were handed over by the ex Chief General Secretary  though several efforts were made to get the complete papers and records of Mahasangh from him. When the enquiry is made with the Registrar of the Societies it is found that Mahasangh is not registered and hence a committee was formed to get the Mahasangh registered.

21.Now the Mahasangh has been registered with Registrar of Societies under No S/67804/2009. This has been achieved with the efforts of Shri Sanjeev Kumar Prajapati and his father Shri Sukhdeo Prajapati. More over in case of registration of Mahasangh the assistance and cooperation extended by Shri Hemant Kumar Prajapati, Shri Shyambhai and their team is highly appreciated

RBK Prajapati

National President